Ultra-precision Printing Technology

SIJTechnology was founded in 2005 as a technology transfer venture of AIST. The company produces super-fine inkjet technology that has a wide range of applications, including fields to which a super-fine inkjet control on a femto-liter level can be applied.

The super-fine inkjet technology developed by the Nanotechnology Research Institute of AIST allows the ejection of super-fine droplets much smaller than the conventional droplets ejected by a conventional inkjet printer- less than 1/10 the size and less than 1/1000 the volume of conventional droplets.

SIJTechnology Products

SIJTechnology Super Inkjet Printer

Super Inkjet Printer

ultra-precision printing technology

The super-fine inkjet technology has a wide range of applications including fields to which super-fine inkjet control on a femto-liter level can be applied. Our super-fine inkjet system is compact and can be placed on a desktop. The system allows single micron scale patters comparable to the photolithographic methods to be drawn directly under normal temperature and normal atmospheric pressure.

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