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Greateyes is a provider of high performance cameras for OEM integration as well as use in their turn key Electro Luminescence (EL) and Photo Luminescence (PL) inspection equipment for the photo-voltaic (PV) industry.  These products include:

  • CCD Cameras for Imaging, Quality, and Defect Detection 
  • Solar Cell and Module Inspection Using Photo- and Electroluminescence
  • Related Services 

Greateyes Products

Greateyes Lumisolar Outdoor

Lumisolar Outdoor

Electroluminescence (EL) Inspection of Solar Modules directly on-site

LumiSolarOutdoor systems enable you to investigate the quality of solar modules on-site. Defects can be identified quickly. Modules don’t need to be demounted from their substructure. Measurements can be performed directly in the solar park or at a rooftop PV installation after twilight or during the night.

Greateyes Lumisolar Professional

Lumisolar Professional

High Performance Electroluminescence (EL) Inspection for Solar Modules

The LumiSolarProfessional systems utilize the electroluminescence phenomenon to image micro-cracks and other defects of photovoltaic modules which are extremely difficult or impossible to detect visually. The equipment allows you to perform detailed quality control on all kinds of solar modules and strings. It was developed for research, off-line industrial inspection and quality characterisation. The design of the equipment is scalable to meet different requirements.

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