INFlex Labs (IFL) has partnered with NexTex Ventures USA to offer a line of nanomaterial (conductive, semiconducting, and insulating) inks that include commonly used inks such as nickel, silver, platinum inks to more exotic inks such as W and Ti, as well as noble metals such as Pt and Au. IFL has a strong base of expertise from Boise State University and the development of solutions for harsh environments like nuclear reactors for In-Pile printed sensors.

InFlex Labs also has a comprehensive capability for ink and device characterization and has access to a broad range of print, including aerosol-jet, plasma-jet, microdispensing, and inkjet. These capabilities allow IFL to provide a solution for your application that requires conductive, semiconducting, and insulating inks beyond the norm:

  • High Temperature
  • High Current
  • Corrosion-Resistance
  • High-Humidity

Products Offered

INFlex Labs Innovative Metal Inks & Coatings

Innovative Metal Inks & Coatings

including exotic and noble metals
  • Pt – Platinum
  • W – Tungsten
  • Ti – Tin
  • Cu – Copper
  • Ni – Nickel
  • Mo – Molybdenum
  • Fe – Iron
  • Zn – Zinc
  • In – Indium
  • AI2O3
  • CeO2
  • ZnO
  • 2D materials, such as graphene and MoS2
  • Other materials possible as a custom option

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