Ion Beam Services offers the following:

  • Cost effective Flexion 400 beam line implanter
  • Leading edge PULSION high dose, conformal Plasma Implant System
  • Implant Services for Semiconductor, Biomedical, Mechanical, Surface Treatment
  • Innovative new Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation system
  • Cost effective second source for spares for classical beamline implant systems

Ion Beam Services Products & Services

Ion Beam Services Pulsion


Continued scaling of non-planar HP multigate devices in all aspects

Plasma immersion ion implantation is a versatile process technology with wide applications in microelectronics processing and materials engineering.

Ion Beam Services Flexion


The ideal tool for unconventional species, compounds and new substrates, and temperatures outside of standard boundaries

Flexion’s intuitive and user-friendly interface addresses the lack of modern equipment for new type of production implants and advanced research.

Ion Beam Services Spare Parts & Service

Spare Parts & Service

A cost effective solution to maintaining semiconductor equipment.

IBS Spare Parts Supply offers a comprehensive line of both original parts and reverse engineered parts for all common makes and models of Ion Implanters. Manufactured to the same tolerances of the original OEM parts, you can rely on our products to deliver the same performance, but at a reduced cost.

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